• Anisha is an inquisitive, brave, intelligent girl who is always eager to learn about new places, people, cultures and.. well, anything else she finds.

    Using her magical camera Anisha learns all about the things she encounters on her adventures...

Chloe is Anisha's best friend. A normal white pony until she wears her magical necklace which transforms her into a beautiful pink flying pony.

Anisha's Grandpa (Dadda) gave her the magical necklaces that allow her to go on her fantastic adventures. He is always excited to see the photo's Anisha takes.

Anisha's Grandma (Dadde) is a kind and caring person who is always there for Anisha when she needs her. She can usually be found tending to her plants in the garden.

Tammy is Anisha's lively and adventurous pet puppy. She is always getting herself into trouble and loves to join Anisha and Chloe on their adventures.

Anisha's Dad (Ab'bu) is very silly and always manages to make her laugh. He doesn't know about Anisha's magical necklaces so is always surprised to see the amazing photos.

Anisha's Mum (Am'mu) helps her daughter pick out the most amazing clothes for her adventures, which she things are just for Anisha playing make believe in the garden...